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Behind the Scenes: The S/S12 Photoshoot

Last week, The Fold embarked on a photo-shoot for our latest collection. The team rocked up to an uber-cool ‘Grand Designs-esque’ house in Dalston for a packed out day of photo-shooting, styling, and copious amounts of Sushi to see us through the day! 

Claudia modelling the Swanston Dress in Coral

The day was feeling very fresh indeed with the new S/S12 collection hot off the press! The summer palette of honeyed browns, mustards, heather and sesames transforms the collection into the new season. Despite the miserable weather outside, inside was a buzz of energy and activity! The photography team was led by the extremely talented Rob Harper and Kate, with styling from Charlie Fox, hair and make-up by Linda, and film footage of the day by Alex. Our drop dead gorgeous model, Claudia managed to look effortlessly chic in every dress! After a packed day of shooting, we had a full reel of beautiful photos! We can’t wait to share them all with you-keep posted on our website for the full shoot!

Hair and Make-Up Artist, Linda

Claudia in our new Astor Dress

The Bond Street Dress in Navy Leather, stunning!

A girl can dream….the stylists selection of Accessories and Shoes! 

Keep posted in May for the release of the S/S12 Fold Collection.

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Woman of the Week: Connie Nam

Name: Connie Nam, Co- Founder of astrid and miyu Jewellery 

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Now living in: London

Bio: I grew up in South Korea and the U.S., worked in Asia (mainly Hong Kong) and moved to London in 2009 for my MBA. I did 5+ years of investment banking before my MBA, but was always passionate about fashion and dreamt of starting my own business at some point. So I took up a part-time fashion design course in Seoul before moving to London, and did my internship at LVMH during my MBA. I didn’t think starting my own thing would happen this soon, but I found the perfect partner (Jenny Orlova) in school and the perfect business idea, that I just couldn’t delay pursuing my dream any longer!

What was the inspiration behind astrid & miyu: Jenny and I were both in finance, and since we had to dress conservatively, the easiest way to express our style was through accessories, costume jewellery in particular. But it was so hard to find good quality statement jewellery at affordable price points. While we would pay premium for branded bags or shoes, we didn’t care so much about the brand when it came to costume jewellery. We wanted to simply solve the pain we had.

We love the idea that a stylish dress can be a great way to maintain a chic and professional look at work. What advice would you give to women looking to accessorise in the workspace?Take sensible risks and subtly incorporate fashion trends into your workwear! For instance, you can flirt with the current neon trend by wearing a delicate neon friendship bracelet. (like our silky stuff in lime:

What’s your Favourite Fold dress in the collection: My Cooper Dress - it’s so comfortable and I love the fit! I also like to Shanghai dress in Khaki.

What would be some pieces you would style with it from the astrid and miyu collectionI like to pair leather bracelets with professional attire. They are classy and fun at the same time. In the photo, I wore two different leather bracelets on each wrist: a-list ( and no time for you in black (

And finally, the London Olympics…. are you excited or dreading it?: Excited!

Thanks to Connie and all our Woman of the Week for taking part! If you’d like to feature, or would like to put a friend/colleague forward, email us via 

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Boutique Sport with Style

Last week, The Fold were invited to join the super stylish members of Boutique Sport for their Sport with Style evening. The event, which took place at the ultra-glam Bureau Club in Soho saw an evening of talks and brand showcasing relating to health, fitness, fashion and style!

The evening was kicked off with some funky VnC Cocktails and tasty Mizuna salads. Benefit Make-up were providing indulgent pampering sessions, while CoppaFeel, talked about the importance of getting to know your breasts and the potential signs of cancer. 

Ruth Field, or more commonly known as ‘The Grit Doctor’, spoke about her comical relationship with running.  From Barrister, to Mum, to author, Ruth has never compromised on a run, and has let it transform many aspects of her life. She wrote the book ‘Run Fat Bitch, Run’ to motivate others to find the same joy in running she does. We left the evening armed with signed copies of her book, and hope to soon apply some of her techniques to our running regime!

Polly McMaster, Co-Founder of The Fold, was on hand to answer some of your questions and niggles about what to wear to work. Here are some of the questions you asked!

1. Hi Polly, as summer is approaching I was wondering how to make my office outfit a bit more exciting, what would you suggest?

Polly: Summer is definitely more tricky - you want to look fresh and summery but still OK for the office. I would go for a bold colour if you want to make a statement. A red dress teamed with a dark blazer would be a good way to go. You can accessorise with some bold jewellery and the brightness of the dress will stand out - but in a good way.

2. What would you say is a great alternative to a dress in order to create that casual/smart work wear look?

Polly: To go a bit more smart / casual, you have a few options. If you do want to stick with a dress, you can make it more casual with ballet flats and a leather jacket. A much more low-key look. A jersey dress would work really well for that. Alternatively a chic pencil skirt or cropped skinny trousers with a silk top and blazer would also look chic but not over the top. I think using different accessories and flat shoes can make an outfit more casual but still keep you looking stylish.

3. I’m struggling to find a good pair of heels that i can wear to client meetings, and that won’t kill my feet from walking in them on all day long. Any suggestions?

Polly: Easy to walk in heels is such a great thing to find. I’ve found some good ones in the past at LK Bennett, Russell and Bromley - I would invest in a really great high quality 2” - 3” heel, it will be worth it. There is also a great brand called Upper Street where you can design your own beautiful designer shoes with any heel height!

Thanks to all those who participated in the Q and A Web Chat and Boutique Sport with Style Event! We had a great night and can’t wait for the next one!

Polly McMaster answering some of your questions

Ruth Field (left), author of ‘Run Fat Bitch, Run’, and Mollie Millington, Personal Trainer

Hila Rawet Karni Jewellrey, available from The Fold

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Woman of the Week: Pauke Corstens

Name: Pauke Corstens

Hometown and place you now live:

The Hague in the Netherlands – live now in Marylebone London


Although trained as a geophysicist I started my career as a strategy consultant for Bain & Company in Amsterdam. After 4 years I moved to the US to obtain my MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. (One of the Ivy League colleges and the first MBA degree in the world). The beautiful New England forests was a great place for some soul searching and understanding what I truly wanted to do for the coming 20 years. Retail and preferably apparel retail was the answer: beautiful products, a great customer experience, people development and effective processes are all things very close to my heart. Retail offers the opportunity to work on all of those at the same time. I was lucky to land an internship with Gap in San Francisco and after a wonderful summer they asked me to come back. Eventually I ended up in merchandising (buying) and managed the women’s sleepwear and intimates, personal care, swimwear and men’s underwear businesses for Gap Outlet. The last category was very fun as you are constantly looking for great prints that guys love and any guy I met wanted to precisely describe the best pair of men’s boxers he had ever owned. All free customer research. For personal reason’s I moved to London and joined Argos. Maybe not as sexy as a brand, but a very interesting business to work for given the competitiveness for the UK retail landscape and every UK retailer’s desire to become a truly multi-channel business. However my passion for apparel and design remained unfulfilled and therefore I started looking around and was introduced to Jessica Haley-Hernandez: the designer of Joyfolie – a very fashion forward children’s shoe line for ages 0-7 years.

You have recently started your own business of beautiful children’s shoes, Joyfolie. Tell us a bit about what inspired you to take this up and hows it’s all going?:

Jessica has a fabulous talent for designing unique shoes. It all started with hand-sewn shoes and selling them at Etsy, a website for handcrafted products. Sales were so successful that we constantly sold out. We received lots of press coverage in the USA and decided to find a factory that could produce Joyfolie’s hand-made details, beautiful textures, product quality, as well as unique and thoughtful packaging. Our goal is to delight the customer and we get regular feedback that people feel like they are opening a present when they get our shoes. All shoes come with a matching hairclip to reinforce that feeling of “having bought something really special”. Our Spring line has been very successful and it’s hard to keep shoes in stock. The good news is that more shoes are on the way and these should trickle in and be available for sale towards early/mid April. The Summer and Fall collections are looking fabulous and there is so much opportunity to further grow the business.

Would you consider yourself a ‘shoe-woman’ or do you have a preferred accessory to complete your look? If so what?

I would consider myself a ‘shoe-women’ as I can’t stand not having a pair of shoes to match my outfit. I will search endlessly to find a pair of matching suede shoes for my favourite camel school boy blazer. I will visit over 20 stores before deciding on my next pair of black pumps ‘that will go with everything’. I do own shoes in pink, purple, camel, green, green, blue etc. and ideally my shoes always match my belt, bag and rest of my outfit. 

What is your favourite Fold Dress and why?

My favourite Fold Dress is the Carlyle dress. I like the simplicity of this dress and leather details that pull the attention towards the shoulders. The lines in the dress are slimming and flatter the body. It can be considered conservative but when having a closer look at it it’s quite playful and therefore very professional. I think the great thing about Fold dresses is that they are professional yet very feminine and playful.

What are you most looking forward to about this Summer:

I look forward to showcasing the Joyfolie shoes at the Children’s wear trade shows Pitti Bimbo in Florence and Bubbles in London and introducing the Joyfolie brand to many more customers. I also look forward to spending time in the London Park’s, enjoying the Olympic Games and a sunny British Summer. 

Thanks to Pauke and all our other previous Women of the Week. If you would like to take part, please send us an email via We’d love to hear from you!

The Fold



astrid and miyu

Connie Nam and Jenny Orlova are the creative force behind jewellery brand, astrid and miyu. The idea sparked during their time spent at The London Business School (where they met Fold founder, Polly McMaster). They wanted to create a brand which made woman feel exceptionally beautiful, which is in fact what ‘astrid and miyu’ means! Connie and Jenny feel that jewellery can help women feel stylish and special no matter how conservative the working environment. We’ve put together a few of our favourite pieces from the collection. 

Discover astrid and miyu at our Sample Sale next Sunday (April 1st) at Academy Standart in Notting Hill from 12-5pm to nab yourself a beautiful bargain!

The Fold

Woman of the Week: Cheryl Ashman

Cheryl Ashman

Hometown: Oakville, Ontario (Canada), For the last 6 years I’ve lived in London (England)  


I’ve always had a passion for fashion. When I was younger I knew I wanted to either be a lawyer or work in fashion. Well, the law won. I did my undergraduate degree at McGill University in Montreal and after graduating from McGill I took a couple of years off and lived in San Diego, California before starting law school. I ended up in New York for my law degree and after graduating from law school I promptly started working for a large law firm, which brought me here to London. For the first couple of years practicing law was great, however, there was always something pulling me back to the fashion industry. When I starting thinking about what my next transition was going to be after law, fashion was the obvious choice, I just didn’t know in what capacity. So, in true lawyer fashion, I researched, which means I basically submerged myself in the fashion world. I went to events, I did a short course in Styling at the London College of Fashion and talked to anyone and everyone who worked in the business of fashion. It was during a tour of the exhibitions at Somerset House during London Fashion Week when I came up with the idea for The Designer Lookbook. After seeing all of the amazing designers that day I immediately knew I wanted to create a platform that would help emerging designers gain exposure to a wider audience. There are so many great fashion designers out there and I wanted to create a place where people could easily have access to discovering and buying from these designers. I also wanted to focus on helping new and unknown fashion designers create a market for their work. Unfortunately I had put the idea on a shelf for a couple of years, but in 2011 I got a push from a friend and began working on getting the website,, up and running. I quit my job as an attorney in September 2011 to focus on launching The Designer Lookbook. 

Tell us a bit more about the Designer Lookbook and what members are entitled to:

The Designer Lookbook is not your typical fashion website. There are two platforms to The Designer Lookbook. The first platform is the on-line shop. However, The Designer Lookbook is not like other fashion on-line shops: it’s a portal to direct consumers to the designer’s website. Basically, what The Designer Lookbook does is directly connect the consumer with the designer so that the parties can form a direct relationship. For me this was an important aspect to The Designer Lookbook, because often people buy through fashion e-commerce sites but they never really remember the designer, and because the goal of The Designer Lookbook is to promote the designers it was really important to me that they were directly connected with the consumer, thereby strengthening brand recognition with the consumer. The second platform is the directory of designers where people can browse and discover new fashion designers. With both platforms, The Designer Lookbook keeps people informed as to who the next big fashion designers are and what they’re creating. 

What are some new and exciting trends for this Spring: 

I’m currently on the hunt for a great pair of floral trousers, and I’m also loving all the bold prints this Spring. I covet these great print wedges from Mo Saique—-NEW/product_info.html. I’m also excited by the colours. The pastels add a nice soft touch to spring/summer clothes. I’m a big fan of pink, yellow and mint. 

What are you most looking forward to about Summer: 

I know a lot of people love to get out of the city during the summer, but I love staying in London because there is so much to do and be a part of. I’m really excited for the Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, but what I’m really looking forward to is just lounging in my garden enjoying the sun.  

What is your Favourite Fold Dress:

I love the Brompton Dress, because it adds that bit of edge to the classic LBD and it fits like a dream! 

The Designer Lookbook site will be launching on April 10, 2011. To keep informed of the launch, sign up at

Thanks to Cheryl and all our Woman of the Week so far. If you’d like to take part, contact us via

The Fold




Reserve your cupcake and glass of bubbly by emailing

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Woman of the Week: Janet Stone

Janet Stone, Founder of Stone Beauty

Hometown: I’m from Romsey, Hampshire and have been living in London since 2003.


I spent my teens and the majority of my 20’s with no clear idea of what I wanted to do career wise, I had a lot of ideas and not much direction interspersed with bouts of travelling to Asia, Europe and America and Australia. After graduating with a degree in Environmental Geo-science from Cardiff University, I moved to London and fell into communications and marketing whilst temping. I have spent the last 7 years in an ever evolving communications role at a local authority in central London, which has given me continuous new challenges and useful desk top publishing and editing skills as well as the flexibility to have long periods away travelling the world!

What became clear over the last few years was I wanted to be my own boss and start my own business, and I was always on the look out for potential business ideas. The idea for Stone beauty hit when I had been reading an article about the power of natural beauty products, oils and butters and the benefits they could bring to sensitive skin such as mine. I had also hit 30 and was very keen to harness their anti-aging and antioxidant powers! I started researching and experimenting with making products at home, carrying out market research with friends and family and tweaking the products to have the beginnings of a small but excellent bath and beauty range. For four months I worked on setting up the business during the evenings and weekends, including putting the business plan into action by getting the logo designed, the website built, the products tested, sourcing suppliers etc, etc, etc and launched the website just before Christmas last year. 

The ‘To Do’ list never ends but its well worth it and a continuous learning curve!

As well as selling online, I have a stall at Greenwich Market every Sunday and keep an eye out for local craft markets to attend to raise awareness of the brand and speak to customers face to face, which is really useful. As a result of customer feedback I have made many improvements to the range and have just added a fragrance free and preservative free body lotion and body butter.

Tell us a little bit about your beauty products:

My beauty products are all made fresh to order by hand using little or no preservative and contain no petroleum products, no parabens, no sulphates and are not tested on animals. They harness the moisturising and anti-aging powers of nutrient rich, plant derived ingredients that are full of vitamins and antioxidants which help combat the emergence of free radicals (cell damage that occurs with age) as well as soothing, nourishing, hydrating and rejuvenating the skin.

The Stone Beauty range includes a Body Lotion and Body Butter, available in 6 different scents, fragrance free or preservative free made with jojoba oil, shea and cocoa butter. Rose Intense Hand cream made with shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe vera and anti-aging macadamia nut and avocado oils.

Bath products includes two 100% natural body scrubs – a Nourishing Sugar Scrub and Hydrating Salt Scrub, both available fragranced or fragranced free and Dead Sea Bath Salts with Lavender.

I also have a 100% natural lip balm which smells of chocolate as it contains unrefined cocoa butter and 2 stylish boxed gift sets containing 3 products from the range, so something for everyone!

I have a massive list of products I want to add including a night cream, sensitive body cream, organics, facial oil and many more, so watch this space!

The one beauty product you can’t live without:

Stone Beauty’s Rose Intense Hand Cream, I always have the 50ml sized pot with me as its handbag sized and perfect antidote for my hands after washing, my elbows or any patches of dry skin that develop! I also use it on my face as a night cream as it’s a really rich moisturiser due to the shea and cocoa butter it contains and has anti aging avocado and macadamia nut oils in it too.

Your range of products reflect a kind of British nostalgia what era would you have loved to be a part of?

The brand was inspired by my love of the 1940s British war time era and the pin up girl images from that time. I was lucky enough to have a talented digital designer friend ( bring my idea to life by creating the Stone Beauty Logo and all products carry the Union Jack.

I love the fashion and music from the decades of the 1900’s but felt the 40s reflects the stylish glamour I wanted Stone Beauty to convey.

Your Fave Fold Dress and why:

The Black Astor Dress, it looks great on and means business in black. I add the fan earrings with hair up for easy transition from day to night.

Thanks to Janet and all our other Women of the Weeks so far. If you’d like to feature, please contact us via

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The Fold Presents ‘Styling Your Career’ at The JCI

This week, The Fold were invited to join an evening with The Junior Chamber International (JCI). The JCI are a global network for young professionals, present in over 100 countries, with over 20,000 members globally. Their aim is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. From enhancing career prospects, leadership ability, expanding social contacts, increasing self-confidence and project management skills. 

The Fold Team went along to speak with a group of women (with a handful of brave men!) about entrepreneurship, the story behind The Fold, and how important it is when dressing for work. The group was of mixed stages in their careers, which provided interesting conversations and discussions. Polly McMaster (co-founder of The Fold) recounted her own career journey, and how it lead her to create her own fashion brand. From a string of successful jobs in the city, to taking up the MBA, they all provided the necessary tools to start her own business. Polly also spoke about ‘styling your career’ and making sure that your wardrobe reflects your working environment but also your own style. 

To read more about Polly’s journey from the corporate world into fashion, read about it on our website

Thanks to the JCI for hosting a wonderful evening, we hope to return again soon! 

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•Photo credits to Solveig Malvik. 



Woman of the Week: Sandra Donskyte

Sandra Donskyte

, founder of Bitch-Online. The online destination for sassy business women. 

Hometown: Siauliai (known as Sun Town), and now living in Wimbledon

Bio: My career in the UK started 5years ago and has always been changing and evolving. I started working in a FruitFactory packing apples and grapes for Tescos, then was a waitress in a number of HotelLounge Bars across London. I also organised the first ‘World Strongest Man’ competition in the UK at Wembley Arena. I am currently working four days a week as a Business Development Manager for a number of Law Firms and Legal TechCompanies in Europe, and spending 7 days a week on my founded Bitch Online.

What prompted you to start Bitch-online? I was never interested or would pay money for magazines full of advertising, celebrity gossip and content that lowers women’s confidence. I wanted to provide the opposite, starting with the name. I loved the name for obvious reasons and aimed to create a magazine for myself and other bold, intelligent women in total control of themselves (or aiming to be). 

What has been your most exciting feature to date in Bitch-Online? An interview with Petra Joy, female porn director.

Who would be your ideal woman to interview (past or present)? There are many ideal women (Bitches) to interview. But would love to talk to Michelle Mone, Beyonce and Victoria Beckham about business secrets, personal branding and being in control…

Where do you like to escape to in your free time? First of all I try to escape in my own mind. To complement it physically, I like surrounding myself with nature by walking in the parks or being by the river. If I feel I need an immediate escape, I go to a nice local cafe.

What is your Favourite Fold Dress? The Brompton Dress is my favorite and The Shanghai Dress, in Black would be my second choice. I would choose The Jermyn Dress  in Red for the colour.

Thanks to Sandra and all our Woman of the Week! If you’re interested in taking part, send us an email via We’d love to hear from you!

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Our fantastic guest panel: (from right to left) Nikki Armytage, The Life Stylist. Joanna Tall, Off to see my Lawyer. Sandra Donskyte, Bitch-online. Christy Osborne, An American Girl in Chelsea. Anna Bance, Girl Meets Dress. Jaime Cooke, Muks. Amanda Collins, Save Your Sole. 

Our fantastic guest panel: (from right to left) Nikki Armytage, The Life Stylist. Joanna Tall, Off to see my Lawyer. Sandra Donskyte, Bitch-online. Christy Osborne, An American Girl in Chelsea. Anna Bance, Girl Meets Dress. Jaime Cooke, Muks. Amanda Collins, Save Your Sole. 

International Women’s Day Brunch Highlights

On Saturday, a group of women congregated at Home House to celebrate female success and entrepreneurship in light of International Women’s Day. The event was a huge success, with fantastic guest speakers, new and exciting brands, and great conversations!

The guest panel saw a variety of women who have recently started their own business ventures. Nikki Armytage, The Life Stylist and Coach. Joanna Tall, Off to see My Lawyer. Sandra Donskyte, Bitch-online magazine (who is also our Woman of the Week). Christy Osborne, An American Girl in Chelsea Blog. Anna Bance, Girl Meets Dress online dress rental. Jaime Cooke, Muks Boots. The ladies all shared their stories, recollecting the high and low points of their journeys through business. 

Some pearls of wisdom from the day:

•Value your time and know when to delegate: as a start up business, you know that your service is of the upmost importance and value. If there is a task that a junior is able to do, then delegate it to them!

•Effective Business Collaborations can save money and hassle: We met loads of new businesses at the brunch on Saturday. There’s loads of potential to collaborate on future events, or even employ their services! Look into your own network before you look further afield. 

•Locate your inner warrior: Women shouldn’t be afraid to demonstrate more assertion in the workplace. Try to improve on these skills and see how it transforms your business!

•If you’re running a business with a partner, make sure it’s legally covered! Business partnerships with friends, boyfriends, family members are great, but you have to make sure everything is well documented from a legal point of view. You never know what could change down the line, and being safe in the knowledge that you have a clear exit strategy is ideal!

•Know Your Own Limits: Jo Tall reflected on a moment at her former law firm when she was called away by a sick child from work one day. Her boss was unfazed by this, and couldn’t understand stating ‘she didn’t leave work every time her horse was ill’. With this humorous anecdote, it highlighted the need to prioritise your life and know where your boundaries lie. Whether it’s your own happiness, your families wellbeing or even your love for equestrian past times. 

While the day focused on female entrepreneurship, it was important to reflect on women in the corporate world and the challenges and triumphs they too face. What became evident through the group discussion, was that women all over the city battle similar problems, despite their workplace. What was important was to hear from many women around the room that they love their jobs, and feel inspired to share it with others. 

Thanks to all the women who participated, and made it such a successful day! To see the full album of the day, visit out Facebook page. 



International Women’s Day Guest Speakers

The International Women’s Day Brunch is next week, so we’d thought we’d give you a ‘whose who’ on the guest panel.

The panel will be addressing the stories behind their own brands, from the challenges to the triumphs! There will be a Q & A opportunity at the end, so have a read up and start thinking!

Jaime Cooke founded Muks in 2003 when demand for her unique and stylish Mukluk boots caused quite a stir - which eventually led to Kate Moss as Muks ’ first customer. Muks are the original and authentic Mukluks Boot loved by women and fashionista’s globally. 

Bold. Intelligent. In Total Control of Herself. Sandra Donskyte is the founder of Bitch the online magazine aimed at ambitious entrepreneurs, career focused businesswomen and the aspiring ones. A digital platform for content with substance, that entertains and introduces the well known and yet to be discovered business stars; their behind the scenes issues, successes and inspirations.

Christy Osborne, founder of the blog, An American Girl in Chelsea, moved to London permanently in 2008. After being approached by a number of American women about her recommendations and tips about moving to and living in London, she decided that there should be a resource for all women who have relocated from the States to the UK. Since starting the website in 2010, “American Girl” has gained a loyal following of chic and fabulous ladies and has become an essential resource for not only Americans, but also Brits, and many other ex-pats. The lifestyle website has tips on where to eat, shop, and get the perfect manicure, but also has great practical advice for things like finding the perfect prep-school for your child. 

Joanna Tall founded Off to see my, and is a solicitor with over 20 years’ experience in commercial & IT law having workedboth in high profile City of London law firms and freelance for global companies through her parent business Trading Terms Ltd. Her speciality is drafting tailor made agreements for businesses whether it is sourcing products & services or selling them, reviewing advertising copy and competitions or drawing up guidance notes for the sales teams.

Meet all these wonderful women at The International Women’s Day Brunch, on Saturday 10th March. Plus, meet an abundance of other brands who will be showcasing alongsideThe Fold. Buy Your tickets Here!

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Woman of the Week: Nikki Armytage

Nikki Armytage, Life Coach and Founder of The Life Stylist

Currently living in Notting Hill

Brief Background/what prompted you to start your own business

Before I began my Life Coaching business, I was an Account Director in a publishing agency in Central London.  I understand the pressures and highly stressful environments in which we be accustomed to and how the direction we find ourselves going often lacks real meaning for us. This fuelled my drive to create a business that encourages ambitious, inspiring women to own their talent and passions and go for it! (Whatever ‘it’ is for them).

•Who do you work with and what are the results 

I work with women who are ready to make big things happen and ready to flourish in their personal lives, in their profession or to start a business. The mental results are greater self-belief, positivity and deep understanding of themselves and essentially what makes them happy. And the tangible results range from changing career paths, starting a business,  new relationships, new lifestyle routines and smiling more.

•You’re currently in transit to San Francisco quite alot. What’s your favourite thing to do while there? 

Yes, I have a clients in San Francisco and I’m leading women’s Leadership workshops out there – and in London, so I go back and forth quite frequently. My favourite thing to do is to get involved in their bootcamps. They are so much fun, one in particular: as you laugh your way through the pain, you exercise each time in different spots all over the city, there are some really cute guys who train with you (bonus!) and then you all go for drinks after – perfect! 

•Best travel product to take away with you  

Great gym kit – you need to look good whilst you train – especially out there – they’re total fitness fanatics!

•Fave Fold Dress in the collection 

Oooh absolutely the Bond Street Dress – the leather is so sexy and stylish. And the Laura necklace in gold – you’ve got to accessorise it up!

•Can you share any of your top tips that get good results for your clients? 

•A simple starting point is to start getting clear on all the things you love, that inspire and excite you. Then start to enhance your day by doing more of these things. 

•To make a list of the people who inspire you and why – a great way to find your values and this is where you need to focus your attention.

•Finally, train yourself be kind to you. In the morning when you’re getting ready for work, catch yourself when your negative mind chatter starts to take a life of it’s own. Start looking after and respecting you. 

Thanks to Nikki and all our Woman of the Week so far! With International Women’s Day Brunch around the corner, why not nominate an inspiring women you know (or yourself- no shame!) to feature in our newsletter. We’d love to hear from you! Email us via

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The Fold at The Hoxton Apprentice PWN

This week, The Fold were invited to join the ladies of The Hoxton Apprentice PWN (Professional Women’s Network ) for an evening of networking, supper and shopping! 

Our Pop-Up Shop was a great success among the ladies, and we had a great time showcasing the collection! We also had our fabulous fashion illustrator, Clara, on hand to bring the dresses to life with her beautiful sketches. During the meal, we listened to an ‘open mic session’ where women were invited to give a quick talk about something close to their heart. It was great to hear these ladies speak so passionately about female empowerment, and taking control of your own life and career. 

Not only is this a fantastic space, but the cause behind the business is extremely inspiring. The Apprenticeship scheme takes people from disadvantaged backgrounds or with little career prospects. Here, they develop the skills needed to work in a kitchen or front of house, which can then be applied elsewhere in the industry. All the profits from the Restaurant and Bar are ploughed back into this scheme to see that it continues to offer the opportunities for others. Praise must be given to Head Chef, Leon Seraphin and his kitchen team for producing a most delicious meal. His homemade Sticky Toffee Pudding was mighty tasty- we will certainly be making a speedy return!

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